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>>Our Approach

Manufacturing Optimization

The objective of manufacturing optimization is to sustain the highest possible service level while using the minimal amounts of inventory (raw material, work in progress, and finished goods) and resources with the shortest cycle time.

The key to all manufacturing optimization solutions is the synchronization of planning and execution. Once the business is in control of the execution with regard to planning and actual customer demand, manufacturing can be planned correctly on the basis of projected performance targets.

Whatever the solution, it will need to be in tune with the technical capability of the planners, the reliability of the forecasting process and the certainty of the manufacturing process. Cleon can provide the right optimization approach and implement it in line with the specific business needs and budget requirements.

Cleon provides a range of manufacturing optimization from entry-level solutions with low organizational impact, to advanced manufacturing optimization systems implementation projects such as:

Master Planning - Sales and Operations Planning process and demand-driven solutions implementation

Manufacturing Planning - Production and scheduling optimization

Lean Manufacturing - Solutions to reduce waste (inventory, lead time, and quality issues) and implement "Pull" process


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>>Inventory Optimization
>>Manufacturing Optimization
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>>Supply Chain Collaboration
>>Change Management
>>Performance Monitoring
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>>Support for Manufacturing Productivity Improvement



     Latest News

>>Imed Othmani, President of Cleon, launched a blog "Supply Chain Leader", which provides a forum to exchange ideas and new trends in supply chain.

>>Since March 2008, Cleon Business Solutions is a  consulting service provider accredited by the Quebec Ministry of Economic Development, Innovation, and Export Trade. Through the Ministry's "Mesures d'Appui à la Productivité", manufacturing organizations clients of Cleon can take advantage of financial assistance of up to $50,000.

>>Imed Othmani, President, Cleon Business Solutions, and the Executive Centre of the John Molson School of Business, Concordia University, jointly developed an operations management education program for executives

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