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>>Our Approach

Opportunity Assessment

The opportunity assessment is a strategic quantitative and qualitative performance diagnostic of your processes, organization, information technology, people, and supply chain structure.

This evaluation provides businesses with a reliable assessment of the impact on working capital and the "bottom line" of reviewed or improved supply chain policies.

Using advanced modeling tools and benchmarking tests, this evaluation assesses the Key Performance Indicators of you value chain, in terms of customer service levels and the related costs (purchasing, manufacturing, inventory, warehousing, transportation).

Far from a theoretical modeling exercise, the Cleon Business Solutions opportunity assessment is a project-oriented business case support activity using real enterprise data and carried out with the collaboration and input of all the stakeholders.

This assessment provides the following outputs:

  • the benefits achievable through enhanced processes, technology and organization

  • the costs and benefits of improved performance scenarios

  • the business requirements for change

The Opportunity Assessment, which can be achieved in a matter of weeks, constitutes a quantitative and qualitative baseline for business improvements.


>>Opportunity Assessment
>>Inventory Optimization
>>Manufacturing Optimization
>>Logistics Optimization
>>Sourcing Optimization
>>Supply Chain Collaboration
>>Change Management
>>Performance Monitoring
>>Software Selection
>>Support for Manufacturing Productivity Improvement



     Latest News

>>Imed Othmani, President of Cleon, launched a blog "Supply Chain Leader", which provides a forum to exchange ideas and new trends in supply chain.

>>Since March 2008, Cleon Business Solutions is a  consulting service provider accredited by the Quebec Ministry of Economic Development, Innovation, and Export Trade. Through the Ministry's "Mesure d'appui à la productivité", manufacturing organizations clients of Cleon can take advantage of financial assistance of up to $50,000.

>>Imed Othmani, President, Cleon Business Solutions, and the Executive Centre of the John Molson School of Business, Concordia University, jointly developed an operations management education program for executives

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